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IT: Chapter 2 Movie Review

Written by Lily Dunn

‘The following article contains spoilers for the movie It: Chapter 2, viewer discretion is advised.’

On September 15, 1986, the award-winning horror novel entitled It was released by Stephen King. Since the release of this book, there has not only been a three-hour miniseries but also a movie created in 2017, all based on this novel. The story follows an ancient murderous entity who feasts on the souls of children every 27 years. The main character of the story is Bill Denborough. One day his younger brother, Georgie Denbrough, asks him to make him a boat to play with in the pouring rain. Bill complies with his younger brother’s wishes making a boat called S.S. Georgie. Through a series of unfortunate events, the boat is blown down into the sewer where it is plucked up by the infamous Pennywise, a terrifying clown, who has just awoken from his slumber. It lures Georgie down into the sewer with the promise of circus treats. Bill teams up with several other outcasts forming “The Loser Club” to avenge the death of his little brother.
 It: Chapter 2 follows “The Loser Club” 27 years into adulthood. The very first movie ends with the loser club creating a blood oath promising to come back into Derry  to fight It if he ever returns.  As the infamous clown once again begins terrorizing the town and children go missing, the four-team up to fight him off.
Personally, I really enjoyed this movie despite Rotten Tomatoes only giving it a score of 63% and an overall audience rating of 78%. I felt that Chapter 2 dove deeper into the overall creepiness of Pennywise rather than relying on jump scares for the audience.


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