The Frustrations of Picking Out a Homecoming Dress

Written by Adonya Byrd

So recently I’ve been scrambling online to find a dress for Homecoming. Let me just say, I hate shopping for special occasions like this. I put so much pressure on myself to pick the right dress because I want to look good. When shopping for a Homecoming dress I have to think about the color, the fit, and the style of dress I want. Shopping online for a dress is risky because you never truly know how it will fit you or if the color will be the same as what you saw online. Some people compare their body types to that of the model’s and can sometimes make the wrong decision on what size to get. I have picked out three dresses, however, my parents did not agree with the first two because they were worried about the lack of modesty in them. The third dress I picked out, I organized what shoes and accessories I would wear with it, then I imagined how I would look in it and was truly heartbroken when I realized that it was sold out in my size. I also don’t like shopping for dresses for special occasions because I’m constantly worried about having a similar dress to someone else and I like to look different from everyone else. I’m currently still on the lookout for a Homecoming dress and if I don’t pick one soon I might as well not even go to Homecoming because the dress won’t be here in time.

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