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Beyoncé: A Child Destined to Be Famous

Written by Sean Smith

Beyoncé was born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas. As a child she was very shy and did not have many friends other than her sister Solange.  Beyoncé’s parents noticed this so they forced her to enroll in a dance class at St. Mary’s Montessori School hoping that she would make some new friends. The first time her parents came to see Beyoncé perform they could barely recognize her because she was filled with so much confidence and lit up the stage. Her dance teacher, Darlette Johnson, noticed Beyoncé’s talent during practices because whenever Johnson would sing, Beyoncé would sing along and even finish off the song, including the high notes. Beyoncé’s parents made many sacrifices to support her dreams as her talents continued to grow. Her parents even charged people five dollars to come and see her perform in their living room. Beyoncé soon discovered that her singing was taking priority over her dancing.  Her new focus became singing with creating some dance moves while performing. She furthered herself by entering multiple, highly competitive competitions and she would almost always win.

At age nine, Beyoncé, along with her friend Kelly Rowland and La Tavia Roberson, auditioned for an all-girl singing group called Girl Tyme. The group did many performances, and Beyoncé’s father decided to make the biggest sacrifice of all. He quit his job so he could manage the group. The group would practice and take every opportunity they could spending almost every weekend driving to different shows to perform. Eventually in 1995 they thought they had a debut album deal with Sony, but it fell through. When Beyoncé was in high school, the group replaced its name with Dolls, but then changed it to Destiny’s Child with the hope of putting out an album so they could finally get a record deal. This worked because in 1997, Columbia Records signed Destiny’s Child for their debut album. Their album was called Destiny’s Child, and their first major hit on the album was called “No, No, No.” The group quickly found an audience, became very successful, and sold over a million copies of their album. Destiny’s Child became the bestselling R&B female group of all time through 2002. In October 2002, Beyoncé released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love, and the rest is history.  Beyoncé became the first woman to win six Grammys in one night (2009). The shy, little girl with hardly any friends years ago is now one of the top, female performers around the world today.


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