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Friendship Trip August 24th

Written by Layla McGee

On August 24th I had planned to spend my whole day with my best friend Julie. She got me from my house at 2 pm and we drove to one of our favorite diners with our friend Yesenia! Our goal for the day was to take as many action pictures for Yesenia. She’s really into photography and wanted to build her portfolio, so she used Julie and me as our subjects. We spent a few hours at the diner (one of those hours was us waiting to be seated) and decided to pack up our leftovers and head to a park. We drove about 30 minutes to Seven Bridges Park and walked to a nice sunny open field. Yesenia immediately pulled out her camera and just started shooting Julie and me. We spent the whole day together and Yesenia had her camera out until they took me back at 11 that night.


Photo Credits: Layla McGee, Yesenia Garcia

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