Los Angeles California

Written by Luke Schneider

Los Angeles California

Los Angeles is the city of about four million people and endless traffic, and amazing tourist destinations. Before your trip to this amazing city, you should take some consideration for the following. First of all, Los Angeles has a lot of traffic and to avoid this plan your way to different destinations before you are lost. For example, from my time in Los Angeles, I only was in a car to get from the airport to my hotel, and from my hotel to Universal Studios. If you are in the tourist parts of the city, expect crowds. When I was in Los Angeles, I flew into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). If you are worried about getting lost in this airport, this will not be an issue. For me, this airport is particularly easy to navigate. Basically, the airport is one large building with terminals extending from it. Each terminal has specific airlines that arrive and depart from there. After getting my bags, I took a bus to the rental car facility. Just being on this bus was stressful as there were so many cars. To drive in Los Angeles, you need to be prepared for traffic, and need quick reaction times.  One site that must be seen while in Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory. The observatory is located on the Western side of the city. Even though I did not get to venture into the observatory, there were great views of the city at night. There is a lot of traffic on the road that leads to the observatory. I would recommend getting to the observatory early. Get there early to watch the sunset, and to get in line to see the telescope. If family fun activities are what you seek, Universal Studios Hollywood is the perfect place for you. I would recommend setting aside a day to visit this theme park. With many rides and different restaurants available, Universal Studios Hollywood will not disappoint. My favorite ride was the Jurassic Park ride. This was a fun ride with a drop into water at the end. Being that the temperature outside was 90 degrees, the cold water that the ride crashes into was refreshing. I wanted to go on the ride more, but the lines grew towards 1 o clock. The best time to go to this theme park is in the morning. If you want to see what is is like to be on the set of a movie or TV show, I recommend doing the Paramount Studio Tour. This tour gives you full access to experience what it is like to be on a TV show. When I did the tour, I got to see a house from a TV show. This might not seem very interesting, but believe it or not, houses in TV shows aren’t even houses. They are just rooms that are made to feel like a house. For example, the stairs that would lead to the upper level of the house were stairs to nothing. They ended abruptly. When you see shows that take place outside, they might not actually be in an outdoor setting. In the house that was shown, the porch that would lead to a beach was fake sand and the porch was almost inside of the kitchen. It is a truly unique experience to see how shows and movies are made. If you like modern art and trendy settings, the LACMA Urban Lights are definitely something that you need to see. The sculpture consists of lamp posts restored from the 1920s and the 1930s. While you are near the Urban Lights, the La Brea Tar Pits is a site that will bring you back to the ice age. The museum lies next to natural tar pits. These tar pits would trap animals and later on, provided a source of asphalt for the city. While at the tar pits, you are able to watch paleontologists excavate bones of animals that lived during the ice age. It is a truly magnificent place with a rich history and a beautiful museum.

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