Green Bay Wisconsin

Written by Luke Schneider

Green Bay Wisconsin

I have been to Green Bay Wisconsin many times. It is a town that is making a comeback, with new restaurants, hotels, and tourist sites. And who could forget about the Packers? Situated on the Northeastern region of Wisconsin, Green Bay is a city of about 105,000 people. There are many different things that I love to do in Green Bay. One of which is visiting Bay Beach. Bay Beach has been around since 1982, but was bought by the city in 1920. Since then, roller coaster, rides, and a scenic train ride around the park has been an icon for years. Bay beach to me seems like a step back in time. Some of the rides have been there since I was a little kid, and I always have a great time when I am there. When I am in Green Bay, I like to visit the wildlife sanctuary. The wildlife sanctuary has a beautiful trail and I love to see the animals. Whatever the time of year, the wildlife sanctuary is a beautiful place. Another site I enjoy visiting is the Green Bay Railroad Museum. The Railroad Museum was founded in 1956, and about 105,000 people visit each year. Every time that I visit the railroad museum, I always have a great time. I love to read about the history of the railroad industry and how the railroad has grown, both in technology and service throughout the years. Green Bay has many delicious restaurants, but my personal favorites is Krolls. Krolls West is across the street from Lambeau Field. On Packer game weekends, the restaurant is always packed, serving delicious burgers to all. This restaurant is so good; I cannot recall a bad experience that I have had at this restaurant. The food is always delicious and I can always rely on Krolls for a good meal. Another great restaurant in Green Bay is Mandarin Garden Mandarin Garden is a small Chinese restaurant that has been in Green Bay for years. Just like Krolls, I have never had a bad meal here. I usually eat the sesame chicken, which is always good, but I am open to trying new dishes. One piece of advice I would have for anyone traveling to Green Bay would be that if you want to see this town when it is quite, I would not recommend visiting on Packer weekends. Hotels are always sold out and restaurants are packed. However, if you are a Packers fan, this town has everything you need to have a great experience. Going along with the Packers, I would recommend visiting the historical landmarks and statues dedicated to the Packers.

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