Just for Fun Movie Review

The Joker

Written by Cesar Lazo

The new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix was released on October 4th, 2019 and with its release came lots of controversy. Over the years, the Joker has had cameos in the Batman film empire, but this is the first movie starring him solely. Actor Joaquin Phoenix has starred in Gladiator, Her and The Master, but The Joker seems to be his biggest and highest paying role yet at $60.1 million. The movie gives viewers a background on the life of Arthur Fleck (The Joker) and why he has seemingly gone crazy and has a history of violence. The movie is rated R for violence, disturbing behavior, and language. The controversy has arisen because of the film’s violence. Viewers across the map have reported some scenes being too disturbing to watch. Others have expressed that the film could possibly motivate violence in others. Although the film did receive a lot of backlash, it got lots of support and did not disappoint.


Photo Credits: Warner Bros

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