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A Rise to the Top

Written by Sean Smith

Young Thug (Jeffery Lamar Williams) came from a large family in Atlanta and spent 4 years in a youth detention center where we mastered his rap flow. Shortly after he was at the detention center, he found out he had a baby on the way, so how did he become successful and get to where he is today?

Jeffery Lamar Williams was born on August 16, 1991 in Atlanta, located in Zone 3. The living area and conditions were very difficult for a young Jeffery who grew up in Section 8 housing as the 10th of 11 siblings. The family struggled with parent issues and tried to make ends meet. His mother had heart problems, and Jeffery witnessed one of his older brothers die right in front of him and another brother go to jail for murder. These circumstances influenced how Jeffery was raised and they shaped his view of the world.

Jeffery always had a weird sense of fashion, especially with women’s clothing. It wasn’t just a fashion thing, but more because he was tall and skinny and found that women’s skinny jeans fit him better than men’s did. His father refused to buy him pairs of skinny jeans, so he had to find his own way to make money, which lead him to robbing people. One time Jeffery robbed a nail salon for $500, but then gambled it all away in a game of dice the next day. He was expelled in middle school and sent to a youth detention center for breaking a teacher’s arm. In the detention center he worked on his musical craft by practicing his rap flow daily. By the time he got out, he could really rap. Unfortunately, when he got out, he continued to live recklessly and it soon resulted in his first child being born when he was just 17.

In 2010, Jeffery, who went by Young Thug exclusively from then on, started recording his music and dropped his mixtape “I Came from Nothing.”  If anyone knows who Young Thug is, he would agree that he can barely understand what Young Thug is saying throughout most of the song. Apparently without the auto tune he is not a mumble rapper. His friend, PeeWee Longway. realized this and Young Thug’s growing talent, so he got Young Thug to meet with another rapper, Gucci Mane. Unfortunately, a short time later Gucci Mane was arrested for 9 months, so Young Thug looked after the recording studio for him. During that time period, Young Thug recorded over 5 thousand tracks and released 2 mixtapes continuing the “I Came from Nothing” series. After Gucci Mane was released, he signed Young Thug to a deal with one of his musical projects 1017 Thug. He also made a deal with Lyor Cohen’s former label 300 and began to be managed by Birdman. Young Thug’s career really began to blow up with his 2013 song “Stoner” and “Danny Glover.” He was part of the rich gang duo with his former friend Rich Homie Quan. Together they created their song “Lifestyle” which became a massive hit in 2014.

Now that Young Thug’s music career has come to a slight pause, he is more focused on his fashion. He has now established his name in the fashion business industry, so he definitely is enjoying life so far. Young Thug is a good example of how someone can start from the bottom, but successfully use his talent to find a way to rise to the top.


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