Free the Pee: Why Pass Outs are Not the Move

Dear DHS Teachers,

We, the students, appreciate everything that you do, from helping us with homework after school to helping us cram for tests at 7:00 in the morning. However, when you tell us that we can only pee twice in an entire quarter during your classes, it becomes really frustrating, as does the new rule that we have to wait to pee until ten minutes after the bell rings. Bodily functions are hard to schedule!

For example, sometimes we may have to run from Spanish IV on the second floor, to the first floor to our lockers to the third floor to get to our classes. So when you tell us that we have 4 minutes to do all of that plus go to the bathroom, that is completely impossible without being late. Peeing should be free. We shouldn’t have to use a pass out. We shouldn’t have to wait ten minutes. Especially if we’re only allowed to pee twice every quarter.

Thank you,

The Students of DHS

Photo Cred: http://hahasforhoohas.com/stories/i-am-fred-astaire-potty-dance

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Kendall Farrington-Rhodes