Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

Written by Luke Schneider

The Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has some amazing restaurants. Some are older, and some are newer, but one thing is certain, Milwaukee is a culinary heaven.


Harry’s Bar and Grill

Harry’s Bar and Grill is located in Shorewood and the East Side. This restaurant has burgers, tacos, and some bar foods. I have had such great service when I go to this restaurant. My favorite food I get from this restaurant is the fish tacos. They are very delicious and have a dressing that gives a lot of flavor.



Botanas restaurant is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee. The service here is spectacular and the food is even better. I always get the steak fajitas and an order of guacamole. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone.


Joey Gerards

 Joey Gerards is a supper club that has a early 1900s feel. The food is absolutely amazing. The service is amazing and the variety of food that this restaurant offers will satisfy everyone. My experience at this restaurant is always great. Every time I have been there, I always remember it.


Centro Café

Centro Café is located on the east side of Milwaukee. It is a small Italian eatery with absolutely delicious food. This is probably my favorite restaurant in Milwaukee. My favorite dish at this establishment is the spaghetti and meatballs. Everything is fresh and the pasta is made in house, something I look for in restaurants. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone. The atmosphere in this restaurant offers a modern Italian feel. The portion sizes are perfect and the deserts are delicious.


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