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Sister Day October 11th

Written by Layla McGee

On October 11th, I had originally planned to be at a hair appointment for the majority of the day in preparation for senior pictures. Due to time complications, I stayed home that day and my older sister coincidentally took a day off of work, so we decided to hangout. Let me note, I have the best sister ever. I showered and got dressed and was picked up by her with my favorite Chick Fil A meal waiting for me. For a good fraction of the day, we ran errands, literally spent hours sitting in her car watching funny videos on Instagram and driving in circles trying to think of a place to get dinner. Later on, that day, when our time together had come to an end, she remembered she had a coupon for one of her favorite Jamaican spots. We were literally in my driveway when she backed out and decided we’d make the 35-minute drive to south Milwaukee for Jamaican platters. I was so tired from the day, I took my contacts out and put on my brand new frames. After spending about 12 hours together, I went back home physically full and emotionally fulfilled with the day I had.


Photo Creds: Layla McGee

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