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Written by Luke Schneider

Whenever I travel by plane, I look for ways to ease my travel as air travel often takes up a whole day. Having smart techniques for travel days can save time, energy, and money.

Depending on when my flight is, I leave for the airport at different times. For me, a lot of the flights I have been on are early in the morning. It might be unfortunate to wake up early, but believe me, it will save a lot of time. From my experience, early flights often require connecting in another city to get to your destination. Airlines do this because of air traffic. During the early morning, flights that are international get closer to their destinations and planes are already at the airport parked overnight. Early flights save a lot of time because security lines are not very long. I would recommend leaving 2 hours before your flight leaves. This varies depending on how far the airport is. Having time at the gate gives me time to get food, or to walk around before a long flight. In the case that your flight is delayed and you have a connection, do not fear. Myself along with everyone else on your flight has been delayed, so whatever airline I am traveling with will know that I have a connecting flight. From my experience with Delta Airlines, they always do their best to ensure I get to my destination. If you have a connecting flight, the inflight magazine that the airline offers will often have airport maps of airports. Review the airport map to familiarize yourself with the layout, and try to figure out how far your connecting gate is from your arriving gate. Although air travel days can sometimes be stressful and hectic, preparing and having a plan for your day will make a huge difference. When you arrive at your destination, most people will try to rush off the plane. If you do not have a connection, let those who are frantically trying to get their bags go first. I always try to look at the situation like this: I have arrived at my destination; I am in no hurry. But some people have to get on another plane in less than a half-hour.


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