Senior Slump

Written by Adonya Byrd

Let me tell you the senior slump is a real thing. We are at the end of our high school career and we are simply tired. Trying to balance savoring our last year and preparing for next year is becoming exhausting. We carry the weight of the school on our backs. We have to plan a lot of school events such as Homecoming, Senior Sunrise, etc. We have completed 4 KnightWalks and Homecomings. Our puzzle pieces have been finished and are about to be hung up in the hallway by the Academic Office. We have experienced all four class retreats. The chaos of Mrs. Moroder telling us to order our cap and gowns has been draining. Tackling the Common App, the meeting with Mrs. Beatty about our college essays, and applying to college has been fatiguing. We anticipate college acceptance letters. Reviewing the same lessons in Spanish class has been tiring. My brain is burned out by trying to remember all these different math equations I have collected over the years. I have read so many books and wrote so many essays about them. Our pride has been shot by all of the art projects that we sketched but couldn’t quite accomplish. Hopefully seven months from now we will feel like all this stress is worth it when we are walking across the stage and receiving our diplomas.

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