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Spooky Szn October 25th

Written by Layla McGee

I had been anticipating the night of October 25th for about a week. A friend of mine invited me to her Halloween party and I decided to go with Alyssa! The party required a costume which was the least of my worries at the time, as I was more so concerned with staying on top of my work for the week so my parents would allow me to go. The day finally rolled around, and to my surprise, Kanye West dropped his latest album during my lunch hour. As I sat and listened to it, I thought of what quick Halloween costume I could throw together for the function. I decided on a simple pair of alien antennas. After school, I spent some time with a friend and got some homework out of the way. The party didn’t start till 7 but I didn’t see the point of going home after school, coming back to Whitefish Bay and then driving back home again after the party. As the time for the party approached, Alyssa and I made the short trip to pick up our friend Seb and then we were en route to the Halloween party. We were kind of early, so Alyssa decided to touch up her makeup and do a minor outfit adjustment. As the party started to roll into action, I realized this was the first Halloween themed thing I had done for the whole month of October. I had a great time that night, seeing old friends and indulging in spooky season.


Photo Creds: Layla McGee

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