Topic Of The Week : Coping with Intense Emotions

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How to Cope with Intense Emotions

  1. How do I get help even if I am too afraid to ask for it from people I am close to?

I recommend reaching out to a guidance counselor or a parent or anyone you trust, this can be hard to do in person so try to just write an email or a note and give it to them to start off. As you get more comfortable talking about what you’re going through you should try your best to talk through your feelings in person because actually talking about them is most beneficial. In addition, you can ask for help from any trusted teacher or adult, if you are feeling unsafe in any way please reach out to someone and get the help you deserve!

  1. What can I do to help calm myself down in the moment when I cannot get a hold of someone to talk to ?

If you have your phone with you, there are many methods that can help you, which you can find by googling methods to help cope with intense emotions. If you do not have access to your phone in the moment then you should start with tending to your physical stress. You can do this through practicing DMR which is deep muscle relaxation, this is where you tense each part of your body one at a time which allows you to identify where you are feeling tension.

  1. How can I open up to people more often/let people get close to me?

This is a very tricky situation because it takes time to open up to people and it is difficult to give advice because it depends on the individual. But in general, it is important to value the friendship/relationship and make sure that the time you are investing in is for a good cause. Having a basis of trust is crucial because it will allow for opening up to them to come easier.

  1. How do I help a friend when they are feeling an intense emotion and they ask for my help?

Sometimes depending on how significant the intensity of the situation is your best move is to tell a trusted adult about the situation and ask for guidance. If you feel comfortable not going to an adult and feel you can work through it on your own then encourage your friend to talk about their problem with you. It is extremely helpful to verbally talk through struggles because it gets the negativity out of your head and allows for advice to be more useful.


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