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No Trick or Treat October 27th

Written by Layla McGee

October 27th I got up earlier than usual. It was Dominicans open house and I volunteered to help out. The sun was peaking as I drove past a Church and snapped a picture of a bright red cross above its entrance. It kind of reminded me of the movie Romeo + Juliet, for some weird reason. I spent the next few hours of my day taking pictures of prospective freshmen at the open house, dancing with Charlie and Jenna, and thinking about my plans for later that day. I left Dominican at around 1 pm and was quickly refreshed by the beaming sun outside and my sister excitedly speaking to me as I got into the car. My mom suggested we go to the Milwaukee Public Market for lunch, as she wanted to try this shop called On the Bus. I decided to get a ginger and turmeric smoothie, that was more of a health rather than taste purchase. It was tart but refreshing and helped to keep me up and productive for the rest of the day. On the drive back home, I noticed hurds of kids dressed in costumes walking and remembered that this particular day in Whitefish Bay was trick or treating day. I was mildly upset that I failed to make plans to participate but I finished my smoothie and made mental notes of the things I needed to complete for the rest of the week.


Photo Creds: Layla McGee

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