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Black Friday

Written by Cesar Lazo

Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks and lots of stores are getting ready to make changes in their prices and also have new deals come in. These deals can be online and some deals are going on right now. For example, in the coming weeks, shoppers can expect to see deals on cellphones from Apple and Samsung phones which also include the recently released iPhone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Also, a brand to look out for this Black Friday is RockStar. The designer brand is already having Black Friday deals with denim pants, jackets, and tracksuits. Other stores that are already announcing their Black Friday deals are Walmart, Costco, and Target. With all of these stores, the sales will likely vary per department (like clothing vs. technology). Another top designer store with Black Friday deals to look out for is Nordstrom and Niemen Marcus. Both of these stores are filled with expensive brands and great designers, but as always these deals will attract the attention of many and people will be waiting for a while outside or at home.


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