Topic of The Week : Practicing Self Care

Written by Andy

                        Self Care

When living in a world that is always go go go, it is easy to let our self-care slip away and we forget to check in on ourselves. We should be checking in on ourselves as often if not more often as we check on our loved ones, we deserve the same love and care that we give to others. Especially with school and social stressors, we need to be practicing self-care and learn to balance work and rest.

Here are some ways to practice self-care:

  • turn off your phone and put it aside, just breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for 4 minutes. Do this in an upright position with your hands laying flat on your lap. During these 4 minutes do your best to clear your mind and purely focus on your breathing and nothing else, if your focus starts to drift from your breathing then bring it back and continue.
  • Express your thoughts, take just 10 min and sit in a relaxing private area and write down all of your current thoughts. After those ten minutes are up read over what you have just written down and add to it, reflect on what you were thinking about. Add to the paper possible solutions to any problems you wrote down, and add any suggestions you have for yourself.

Here are some links to websites with great methods of self-care that are easy to practice:

Here are some links to websites with information and what self-care is:


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