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How John Witherspoon Became Famous

Written by Sean Smith

John Witherspoon was born on January 27, 1942, in Detroit, Michigan. Fun Fact: apparently at the hospital, there was a mix up of the last name because they didn’t know how to spell it at first so some are Witherspoon and the others are Weatherspoon. He was born one out of 11 with 9 boys and 2 girls. They made careers in Motown with broadcasting and another as a pastor. He took an interest in acting in his late teens and early 20s, signing up for some Shakespeare class, and from there he fell in love with performing. Eventually being in the performing arts it brought him to stand-up comedy starting out in Detroit then moving to New York and then Los Angeles working as an MC, and then as a security guard at the Comedy Store. He married in 1988 to Angela Robinson and had 2 sons. He was in the movie series Friday where he earned over 1 million dollars and a 10 year run on the show Boondocks and on the movie Soul Plane. He was going to be in the movie the last Friday but he passed away on October 29, 2019 in his Los Angeles home. He was a legend in the entertainment industry, and a father to all who watched him. Rest in Peace John Witherspoon.

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