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Whitewater on a Whim September 28

Written by Layla McGee

On September 28th I had finished most of my college applications but was feeling so much stress. Just when the stress was intensifying, my friend Julie called me asking if I wanted to take a mini road trip. We were going to Whitewater to see our friends Michael and Zach! She picked me up, we got gas and took a 2-hour trip through the “rural area of Wisconsin,” as Adonya would say, to Whitewater. It was my first time seeing Michael and Zach since they’d graduated so I was very excited and shocked to be in their presence. It was the first time I got to live the college experience, and it was great. Michael and Zach took Julie and I to their cafe and used their student ID’s to get us lunch. We went to the student rec area and got to play ping pong and even had the option to go bowling. We walked around the campus some as they pointed out certain halls and finally settled into their dorm. We met their floormates and spent time in their dorm listening to music. By the end of the night, Julie and I were full of on-campus pizza and happiness. The drive home was relaxing as we blasted the heat and listened to Zedd.


Photo Creds: Layla McGee

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