Best Airlines in the United States

Written by Luke Schneider

The United States has many airlines that connect people to the world, but what are the best airlines to travel on? How can a decision with choosing an airline impact your travel experience and comfort?


  1. Delta Airlines

In my opinion, the best airline in the United States is Delta Airlines. The comfort levels in their airplanes are exceptional, and it seems like everyone who works for this airline is friendly and willing to help customers. Delta makes traveling easy with the destinations they fly to and the good service received while on a flight. Their airplanes are updated and well equipped with the latest inflight entertainment, and the food that they offer is very good. I was surprised by the high quality of the food on this airline. The seats on Delta flights are very comfortable, even in economy class.

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  1. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is very different compared to Delta and the other carriers in the United States. Southwest is a low cost carrier which means that tickets are more affordable and the first two checked bags per customer are free. Another quirk that Southwest has is that seating is not assigned. There are, however, boarding groups that allow people to board first so they get the seats that they want. Southwest does not have the luxuries of some airlines, the airplanes are simple and inflight entertainment is not available unless you download the Southwest Airlines app. I would recommend this app, as you can watch live TV and movies.

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  1. American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the best airlines in America. The routes they offer make getting from one destination to the other very easy. The check-in process is very easy and the lounges American has are well stocked and clean. Most of American Airlines’ fleet is updated, however, some of their airplanes are outdated and just feel old. American recently retired their MD-80 fleet which will allow for newer seats and amenities to be placed in their other aircraft. American Airlines is a reliable airline to fly with. The reason I placed this airline as last is because of how they handle delays. It is disorganized and hectic when a flight is canceled. Overall, American Airlines is a good airline but leaves some things to be desired.


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