Campaign Propaganda

Just recently, I found some old documents in my google docs from 8th grade. It was super interesting to see how my writing has evolved and changed over the course of these four years. I decided to share one of my writings with you. Enjoy my 8th-grade essay on “Campaign Propaganda.”

How much do you know about campaign? Candidates for Presidency often times use Propaganda strategies for their campaign. So, which of the Propaganda (Advertising) ideas would you use? The best Propaganda strategies to use are Glittering Generalities, Guilt by Association, and Stacking the Deck.

One of the best Strategies for campaigning is Glittering Generalities. In Document E, there was shown a display of different objects with different sayings and catchphrases. For example some were, “Romney:Believe in America” and “Forward:BarackObama.com.” This strategy is one of the best because they were putting quotes and phrases on objects that were appealing to the voters.

The second best strategy is Guilt by Association. In Document F, the democrats gave federal aid, provided a better education for the people’s children, gave summer jobs, pushed through minimum wage, and made social security available to many elder’s without it. The audience gives good reasons why candidate Hubert Humphrey (a democrat) would be a good choice. They are basically saying “Why wouldn’t you?” “After all I’ve done for you.”

The third best Propaganda strategy is Stacking the Deck. In Document D it says, “…under the leadership of President Reagan, our country is prouder and stronger and better.” This piece of evidence shows that the ad is saying all good reasons why he is worthy of presidency and no reasons why you shouldn’t vote for him.

Although some may think that coat-tailing is one of the best campaign Propaganda strategies. Some may also disagree saying, that these strategies are more influential to the voters. The best Propaganda strategies are Glittering Generalities, Guilt by Association, and Stacking the Deck.

My writing has changed a lot over the years. However, it was really cool to see just how strategic my writing was. I hope to someday be the teacher that encourages writing to my students. Whether it be creative writing or research based, writing and knowing how to write will always be important.

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