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Before Rod Wave Became Famous

Written by Sean Smith

“Before I had this, I was living a regular life, gettin up, doing what I had to do to put money in my pocket.”  Rod Wave was born as Rodarious Marcell Green on August 27th, 1999 in St. Petersburg Florida. St. Petersburg known as the city of sunshine but it’s actually not as for Rod his parents separated when he was in elementary school but still lived close to each other on the same block. His grandma also a role in his life. During his younger years, money was good as his dad kept money flowing in for food and clothes then his dad got locked up for 6 years and his family had to move which resulted in him getting split up with living with his big brother so his grandma and uncle stepped up and helped him but so then got locked up too and turned to hustling on the streets himself to make some money.

While attending Lakewood High School he began selling drugs, breaking into cars, robbing houses and such and eventually the law would catch up with him and he was in and out of juvenile detention centers putting up charges including armed robbery and carrying a concealed weapon which turned out to be a pellet gun. He would also get some views online for more positive reasons with him singing. Music has always been a big part of Rod’s life with his brother inspiring him the whole way. Him and his father stayed in contact while he did his time in jail knowing the realities of prison and that his son had some serious talent and bought his son a microphone when he got out and the brother chipping in giving him a computer. Using the setup just for fun not thinking he would get noticed. Fast forward the clock to 2016 and his producer knew that they found a special something that could be shared with the world and finally posting them online they gained local notice with Rod Wave just hearing his own music in public they knew they were on to something. His breakout single Heartbreak Hotel picking up serious plays on YouTube with over a millions views. He started performing at booked local shows and then other cities in the US. The success was enough to get the attention of Alamo Records with big named collabs with YNW Melly, GLOKKNINE, MoneyBagg Yo, Kevin Gates.

With his future in view he stated “I just love making music, bruh. The stuff that’s goin’ on in the music stuff, that stuff ain’t gon’ last long… going to the club all day it gets tiring but life comes with ups and downs. Life comes with pain. That’s what I give the people, what I go through.”

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