How to Save Money on Vacation

Written by Luke Schneider

Low-Cost Airfare

One of the highest expenses in a vacation is airline tickets. Airlines try to get you to upgrade and purchase things you don’t even need to get to your destination. Websites like Kayak help you find low airfare deals. There are many websites that help find low priced airline tickets and they are very helpful to save money. Flying in first class is very nice, you get amenities, drinks, and spacious seats, but there is no reason to fly first class if you want to save money. Everyone on the plane is going to the same destination, so it seems a little impractical.

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Cheap Hotels

To make your money on vacation last longer, purchase a cheap hotel to save money to visit sites that you want to see. A hotel on vacation should be used for one purpose, to rest after your days of exploring and touring the place you are in. A hotel should be used minimally because you should not go on a vacation if you just want to stay at your hotel. There are many hotels that are not very expensive and provide comfort that is acceptable for a couple of night’s stay.

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One recommendation to save money while on vacation is to find a hotel that has a kitchen or a fridge. This will allow you to go to a store and buy food that you will need to cook for yourself. This saves a lot of money, especially for breakfast. Buying breakfast food in a store such as eggs or yogurt will save money for dinner and lunch. Having a fridge in your hotel room will allow you to bring food back from restaurants you go to, so you don’t waste food.

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One recommendation I have for transportation is to take public transit. This will save money because you will be able to get around the city with fares that are affordable. Another recommendation for transportation would be to rent a bike. Biking around a city provides an experience that will allow you to see the city in a new view. You can discover someplace new while renting a bike. If you want to save a lot of money, walking is also an option, and you will get great exercise!



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