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Xbox vs. PlayStation

Written by Cesar Lazo

The Xbox and the Playstation are gaming rivalries that have been going at it for a long time. The Xbox is a great console that has sold many units but is not able to sell more than PlayStation. Also, the Xbox is able to do things that the Playstation can not do, but the PlayStation is able to do things that the Xbox can not do. An example is Xbox has backward compatibility which you can play any old Xbox game on your Xbox one all the way from the 360- to the very first Xbox. The problem is that Xbox does not have great exclusives which is why the sales are down for the Xbox but also with the new Xbox Scarlett it will be more powerful than pc gaming. The Playstation lacks it’s backward compatibility games. You cannot play Ps2, Ps3 games on the PlayStation 4, but makes up with its exclusives such as the most popular one God of war, The last of Us, Jack and Daxter, ratchet and clank, etc. Also with the new Black Friday deals for both consoles which company will take the win with the most units sold Microsoft’s Xbox or Sony’s Playstation 4.


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