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Patty: A Grim Original Poem

Patty was a little girl,

Who always broke the rules

She’d always play mean pranks on friends,

Tricking them like fools

But one day Patty came across a man,

She saw him through the fog

His body was like that of a goat,

And his face was like a hog

He offered Patty a great deal

That she could not refuse

He said, “Here Goes” and went

and on giving her the news

“You must not lie or cheat or steal

And if you do my dear,

I promise you that if you do,

You’ll lose the ability to hear

You won’t be seen, you’ll scream and scream

And nobody will know

You’ll be an outcast to the town

Your face will be unknown

You’ll disappear without a trace and

nobody will care

Nothing but a haunting silence,

Of someone that used to be there”

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About the author

Kendall Farrington-Rhodes