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After Two School Shootings in Two Days, What Will Wisconsin Do?

Written by Josie Balistreri

On December 2, a Waukesha South High School student pulled out a gun.  According to police, the student refused to drop the gun and was shot.  The student remains in a hospital in stable condition.  The next day, a student and a school resource officer were injured in a second shooting incident.  Both schools went on lock-down and no other students were hurt.

The situations reveal that procedures put in place to protect students are working.  However, students were directly responsible for situations where there could have been fatalities.  As a student in a high school not far from where the shootings took place, it’s scary.  For the students involved, it must be horrific.  Schools have to take action to ensure that incidents like this are not repeated, whether it’s providing increased counseling services to students, or enacting legislation that will prevent students from being put in situations where they have access to weapons.  All schools have a responsibility to students to guarantee their safety and mental well-being.  After tragedy nearly strikes twice, Wisconsin must decide to take an active role in making sure students are protected.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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