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Nail Shop Adventures

Written by Adonya Byrd

As I open the door, I am submerged in the aroma of nail polish and acetone. I am quickly asked what service I am there for and I sit in the waiting area. Waiting can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half, while I wait I browse on my phone and listen to children screaming and crying. During the wait, I am asked if I want my eyebrows done, which slightly offends me. Then, I’m finally able to sit down in front of my nail tech and he starts doing my nails. When he gets the acrylic on, he asks me what design and color I’d like. I usually tell him about an intricate design that I want with picture inspiration. As he does my nails we talk about everything from a man getting stabbed over a Popeye’s chicken sandwich to concerts. My nail shop experience ends with me paying more than I wanted to, but satisfied with how my nails turned out.

Photos by: Adonya Byrd

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