Road Trip Advice

Written by Luke Schneider


Whenever I go on a road trip, I try to make the time spent in the car as comfortable as possible. I use some strategies to make the road trip as fast and comfortable as I can.


To begin, I always like to bring a phone charger with me, as I use my phone a lot in the car. I also bring along a blanket with me in case I want to sleep. I would advise that you bring music along with you and download movies to entertain yourself. Road trips offer a way to see places you wouldn’t see if you were flying. Take time to stop at roadside attractions and learn about the communities you enter. Road trips are fun and provide an educational experience as well. Another recommendation for a road trip would be to bring a lot of snacks. Often on road trips, you will not want to stop too much for food, so bring food that will not go bad if not refrigerated. Granola bars and fruit snacks are my favorite road trip snacks. Road trips are relaxing and a fun way to see the world, and it is not as expensive as well.

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Luke Schneider