Superstitions From Different Countries

Written by Anya Hubbard

This week’s article is about more superstitions but with a twist. This week we will be discussing a few newer superstitions that all stem from different countries.

In Cuba during New Years, this action which began as a superstition, and has now been transformed into a common tradition, is very popular. This is the tradition of eating 12 grapes in 12 seconds as the clock strikes midnight, one for each month of the year, and make a wish for each grape. This is a tradition that has its origin in Spain and brings good luck.

Another superstition stems from Cuba. Cubans believe that you should sweep out towards the street on New Year’s Eve to get rid of all the past year’s negativity. This superstition is a little different in China. In China it is bad luck to sweep on New Year’s, Day because you will sweep all the luck away. In other places such as Sicily, people put brooms outside their doors to ward off any wickedness.

The last superstition is about what Latin Americans believe in the ‘evil eye’ or ‘mal de ojo’. This is a belief that a jealous evil person can cause harm to someone. Their are many different “remedy” ideas and some of them seem a little crazy. Some Latin Americans believe that a remedy for this ‘mal de ojo’ is a dried umbilical cord which must be rubbed around the eyes of the person. In Bolivia, a cure for this ‘evil eye’ superstition, is to rub an egg over the affected person’s body. Then they break the egg and they put the egg in a glass of water under their bed.

That’s all for this week’s crazy superstitions! Check back next week for more.

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