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With Lucy November 16th

Written by Layla McGee

I had been very busy the entire week, so decided to unwind on November 16th with my close friend Lucy. I see her a few times a year but we talk almost every day which I feel holds us together. We first went to a park on the east side to chat. I hadn’t seen her in a while so sitting down and just catching up in person was important. We saw a few dogs at the park and watched the sun slowly set which was a great way to start our night. We decided on Bel Air for dinner! I got a vegan taco and Lucy got this huge burrito, which she didn’t finish. After eating we got in her car and sat in silence for a while. That’s something I adore about our friendship: the silence is never awkward, we can enjoy each other’s company without speaking. We were both pretty full and sleepy, so she took me home, we hugged goodbye and I went inside and fell asleep immediately.




Photo Creds: Layla McGee

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