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Youtube Rewind 2019

Written by Cesar Lazo

The new Youtube Rewind 2019 is out and is receiving mixed reviews and reactions. The Youtube Rewind from 2018 received a lot of hate and backlash after the fans did not like it, but with the new video for 2019 some fans loved it and some didn’t. The reason there were many mixed reactions this year was because:

1). For the people who didn’t like it is because the video was to short, did not show much that 2019 had to offer on youtube, it was a top 10 video, the video also only showed channels that reached a lot of views and subscribers for the first time, and lastly, many people believe Youtube did not try hard this year and just wanted the easy way out especially from last year.

2). For the people who do love it, they believe that it was a little bad but it was not as bad as 2018’s and lastly some people don’t even care anymore. Youtube Rewind 2019 was not as long as 2018’s but was a little better but was not great and needs improvement.

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