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Before Johnny Dang Was Famous

Written by Sean Smith

The King of Bling makes pieces for all types of celebrities with around 1.6 Million followers on Instagram and getting his name dropped on several rap songs by award-winning artists. Johnny Dang is the founder of bringing grills to the mainstream and definitely deserves to be called the King of Bling being so popular that fans have gotten tattoos of him on their bodies. He brings grills to the game with them becoming bigger and bolder and becoming more and more popular with Johnny Dang leading the charge creating designs no one has seen before. Not bad being a man coming to America with nothing but the clothes on his back!

Johnny Dang was born on Nov 21, 1974, right before the Vietnam War. Growing up in central Vietnam with his 4 siblings and his father fighting for South Vietnam, who were allies of the U.S., his father eventually fled to America in 1984 searching for a better life; later telling Johnny how to make jewelry until the two would come together again. Johnny realized very soon that America’s technology and scale were bigger than Vietnam, so he found out America’s favorite line was “bigger is better.” Now it would be a total of 9 years for the rest of his family to make the move to the states to Houston, Texas to live out the American dream. His first jewelry job made him one hundred dollars a month while living in his car but by 1997 he had his own mall store called “TV Jewelry,” not looking for fame just yet, but the “T” stands for the first letter in his first name and the “V” stands for Vietnam. Around 2000 he met a man named Paul Wall, a rapper and businessman who was was impressed by how Dang could create grills and put them on without the common practice of filing teeth, and so at that point, Dang was introduced to the game of Hip-hop.

By the year 2000, the business was booming with his rapper customers. Paul Wall would make music videos while sporting Dang’s grills shooting a lot of attention to his business, which resulted in starting to get calls from Hip-Hop legends like P Diddy and Kanye West. Next up was Nelly shooting a video called “Grillz” with Paul Wall making an appearance on the song, and the video shot 70 close-up grill shoots introducing America to mouth Jewelry. Now he has a wife and 2 kids and enjoys his free time at the golf course, using his made money to give back to Vietnam, so you could say Johnny Dang is certainly living the American dream!


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