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Written by Zavier Colon


Hello my name is Zavier Colon and I decided to choose one of my friends as my interviewee. I chose my friend Joshua Jerominski as my interviewee. Joshua and I have been good friends since middle school. I’ll be asking him a set of 10 questions and he will be giving me his honest answers.

  • Question 1: What school do you go to?
  • Answer: Christo Rey. I’m a Senior.


  • Question 2: Do you have any plans on going to college next year?
  • Answer: Yes, I plan on attending college next year.


  • Question 3: What colleges are you thinking of attending?
  • Answer: Well my top choices are Saint Xavier, UWM, and Parkside.


  • Question 4: What do you plan on studying?
  • Answer: Political Science


  • Question 5: Why do you want to get a political science degree?
  • Answer: Because I either wanna do politics or political advisory.


  • Question 6: How long have you wished to pursue a career in Politics
  • Answer: Since I was a kid. I would see Politicians on tv and think they were cool so I ended up wanting to be like them.


  • Question 7: If you had to choose between a career that you enjoyed or a career you hated that paid better, which would you choose?
  • Answer: The one that I enjoyed because I’d probably quit the other one.


  • Question 8: Do you think after college that your student loans will put you in serious debt?
  • Answer: No I managed to get a decent amount in scholarships and financial aid.


  • Question 9: Any advice for applying to colleges?
  • Answer: Fill out the FAFSA as soon as you can.


  • Question 10: Is there anyone you look up to as a role model in politics?
  • Answer: No



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