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Delone Austin Interview

Written by Jamari Magee

Today I am interviewing Delone Austin, most often referred to as DA, who is the starting guard for the Dominican Knights basketball team. DA is the Knights second leading scorer averaging around 14 points per game. I wanted to catch up with DA to see how the team is feeling, after the once undefeated Knights received their first two losses of the season, now leaving them at 10-2.

1.      Coming off two straight losses this week after being 10-0, now 10-2, how do you see the team responding to the adversity?

          I think those two losses only made us better. Our backs are against the wall now and those two minor setbacks mean there are going to be major comebacks. They only put chips on our shoulder going into the rest of the year.

2.      How do you think the team will handle all the haters?

          To be honest, we don’t really pay attention to the outside haters. So as a team we don’t let people on the outside mess up our brotherhood and family atmosphere.

3.      The next opponent on the schedule is Martin Luther at their place which is never easy, what should we expect from the Knights out of that game?

          Hostile crowd, lots of haters, bad refs, and just overall a really loud environment, we thrive in those situations so we expect a win tonight.

4.      How do you think you are doing individually this season?

          I don’t think I’m living up to my expectations, I’m slacking a little bit; I got to pick it up.

5.      The last game was against the well known Sierra Canyon, in different places are ranked between 1-10 in the country, almost always in the top 5, how was the experience?

          The experience was great overall just playing against future pros, the cameras, crowd, and just being on TV was a great experience.

6.      Who is more of a rivalry in your opinion, Dominican vs St. Cats or Dominican vs Martin Luther, and why?

          As a community, I would say Martin Luther because of the tension between us. But as a basketball team, I would definitely say St. Cats. Every time we play each other it’s a battle and a competitive game.

7.      What is the hardest part about being a student-athlete?

          Trying to balance academics and your role on the team. It’s not easy to wake up at 6am and dedicate 8 hours of school then right after 2-3 hours of practice, then to go home and take care of your body then commit to doing your homework. It’s a challenge but it makes you better as a person.

8.      Who is somebody on the team that has surprised you this season?

          Justin Daniels

9.      Best moment of the season so far?

          My teammate surpassing his 1000th point mark, or me playing a terrible game and my teammates picking me up afterward.

10.   Last but not least, what is the main goal for the season you think as a team? How realistic do you think that goal is?

          State championship, and very realistic. I feel like we are a state contender as of right now. We lost by 4 points to the so-called best division 3 team in the state. We played bad and there were some questionable calls but I feel like as a team we aren’t playing our best, but if we dial it up and go harder we will get to our full potential and nobody will be able to beat us.


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