Reading Digital vs. Print

Written by Addie Johnson

Although there are pros and cons to digital reading, I find that reading a physical copy of something helps me study better.

Scientists have differing opinions as to whether print or digital reading is more beneficial. Digital reading is more portable and allows you to read in places you otherwise might not be able to read, such as in the dark, but it also allows for distractions due to the ability to multitask easily.

Digital reading also encourages skimming and reading too quickly instead of fully reading, and can cause the eyes to be strained. However, digital texts are more accessible to students, which causes them to often be preferred. When reading a printed copy of something, it is easier to take notes, which increases the likelihood that what is being read is also being comprehended more completely. Scientists believe that remembering where something is on a physical page or piece of paper can help a student remember what they had read. However, there seems to be no difference between digital and paper reading when it comes to fiction books. Although I do think it is easier to use digital copies of articles or books when doing assignments, specifically so I can search for a specific word or phrase in it, I always get more out of what I am reading when I use a physical copy.



Photos by: mgolding, James F Clay, Donald Lee Pardue

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