Coronavirus Reached Wisconsin?

Written by Jamari Magee

The coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China and comes from the family of coronaviruses. This coronavirus happens to be a new and unseen strain of the coronavirus family and the symptoms of this illness are dry cough, fever, and also breathing problems. It is believed that the virus comes from wild animals and is believed to be airborne. There have been many cases of death and many hospitalized. The problem is health organizations across the world are still searching for treatment as it is spreading throughout the world. The worldwide virus has not only spread to the U.S., but it has possibly made its way to Wisconsin. The 1 case in Wisconsin is in Madison, Wisconsin. Although there has been no details on name, age, or gender of the person who was tested for the coronavirus, the information given is that they have frequent travel from Wisconsin to China. They got off a plane that landed in Wisconsin and had all the symptoms of the virus and went straight to the ER and was tested for the virus. The person is currently recovering at home and there is more information still surfacing. Has this worldwide virus reached our beloved state of Wisconsin?

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