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Pros vs. Cons of Listening to Music

Written by Addie Johnson

Everyone loves listening to music. I have music on all the time, whether I’m driving, getting ready for school, or doing my homework. However, I found that listening to music while I do my homework tends to cause my homework to take much longer to get done than it should. There are many benefits to listening to music while studying. Music can help relieve stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels. Lower cortisol levels allow you to sleep better, which can lead to you doing better on the test you were studying for. Music can also help improve focus and mood by raising the dopamine levels in the brain. Being in a better mood allows you to study longer and allows for better memorization of information. However, this only works if the music is played as background music.

People often believe the idea of the Mozart Effect, which claims that classical music makes people smarter. Although there is no actual evidence for this, it is proven that classical music can improve creativity, help a person avoid outside distractions and increase their study period, help control mood, and help a person retain information more easily. Although these are all things that might improve your studying, therefore improving your grades, classical music will not actually make you smarter.


Although there are many benefits to listening to music while studying, there are also many drawbacks. Listening to music can make your studying less efficient, as you are unable to absorb as much information as you would without music. Music is distracting and makes it harder to focus, especially music with lyrics, which actually forces you to multitask. Multitasking takes your focus and energy away from your main goal, which is studying and absorbing the information you want to learn. When people study with music, they often need that same music playing to help with their recall. This is not always an option available when taking a test, so it may be better to learn the information in silence so you can recall it in silence.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Some people benefit from listening to music while studying because they find it calming. If music is distracting to you, listening to it while studying will have the opposite results.

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