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5 Rules Ellen DeGeneres Makes Her Guests Follow

Written by Sean Smith

So many people enjoying watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but they might be very surprised by 5 rules that Ellen makes her guests follow.

Number 1: No Black or White Clothes Allowed

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is supposed to be a place that spreads happiness and joy. This means there’s a dress code so that members of the audience can help the show with its mission.

People are expected to wear bright colors and dress well. The producers are clear that Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t have anything personal against the colors black or white. It’s actually okay to wear either black or white as long as they’re paired with something bright. The show also says jeans are okay as long as they’re dressy. Bright clothes that look nice are a way to get people to look happy and feel good.

Number 2: One Freebie Per Person!

Audience members are usually able to take away a freebie from the show as a small souvenir. This may be a mug, glass, or a something similar laid out on a table. Even though Ellen seems good-natured, she’s very strict about the policy.

Once, Ellen caught a fan member trying to take more than one of the freebies from the show. She put that fan on blast on national television during her show, but it was hard to tell whether or not Ellen was poking fun at the fan or if she was annoyed. Thankfully, this was the only time the show’s staff had to work to enforce the rule.

Number 3: No Group Coordinating Outfits

Ellen seems like the type of person who’d probably enjoy seeing a few group outfits on her show; however, it’s forbidden for groups to wear matching outfits.

True. Not only that, but even though Ellen has her own clothing line, fans aren’t allowed to wear it to the show. Not only is the dress code very important to the show, but the staff is also expected to deny entry to those who don’t follow it. This seems a bit extreme, but her reason might be a good one. Having audience members wear a few quirky or coordinating outfits might take the shine away from Ellen and her guests.

Number 4: People Might Not Sit with Their Friends and Family

The show’s producers seem to try to do what they can to make sure everyone is treated well; however, many factors can contribute to whether or not people can sit with their family and friends throughout the taping. Just getting to the show and following the rules seem like it can be a fun obstacle course. It’s very possible that not everything might go as planned.

The show mentions that everyone gets a ticket with a number on it. When it’s time to go inside the studio, everyone is expected to enter in and sit in numeric order. With the tickets being handed out in random order and with so many guests coming from all over the U.S. and the world, it’s logical that not everyone will sit with their family or friends.

Number 5: The Audience Won’t Know Who’ll Be There in Advance

Since it’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the studio only guarantees that she’ll be there. The studio says the details of who will be a guest change all the time. Everyone in Hollywood seems to have a packed schedule. Like many other people, celebrities are busy and may have to change their plans from time to time. This sounds like a good reason why the guests can’t be revealed ahead of time.

This means that audience members won’t find out about who will be on Ellen’s show until the day of the show’s actual taping. We all know that Ellen is a great talk show host regardless of who is there, so it shouldn’t matter who are the guests for the day.

People who get to be in the audience for The Ellen DeGeneres Show will still have fun laughing and dancing along with her.  Even though audience members have to follow 5 rules, they all say there’s no place they’d rather be.


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