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Written by Zavier Colon

Cryptid of the Week: Week 3

            Welcome back reader to the third installment of Cryptid of The Week. This third week will function differently than the last two however since it will function more as an introduction to a source of cryptids than a cryptid itself. The source that will be introduced is a forum where members can post original horror stories about cryptids that have been captured by the organization as well as their origins and containment procedures. In order for a story to officially become a part of the SCP universe they must be voted on by the community as well as authorized by the site Admins. If a story is authorized it becomes canon meaning it is given a categorization number and become a part of the extended SCP universe.

SCP (Secure Contain Protect) is an acronym in the name of the SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to the capture, containment, and study of cryptids or other anomalies captured by the organization. SCP can also be used to refer to the cryptids or anomalies captured by the Foundation. The SCP Foundation is a secret worldwide organization not affiliated to any specific country or region. They operate from any number of their black site bases and research facilities as well as keep the cryptids and other creatures found secured at these sites for the safety of the public. The stories featured on the site often include omitted phrases and names to add an air of secrecy to the stories. The stories often also have a security level attached to them saying only personnel of that clearance or higher can read the file, much like the omitted words or names its only as an artistic choice for the stories. Some security levels however can be influenced by the classification of the SCP. SCP’s can be given 3 levels of categorization based on their possible threat levels. Safe class SCP’s mean that the SCP is on its own incapable of causing harm to humans or it is currently contained in a manner that it is incapable of escape meaning it is unable to harm humans even if its base nature is hostile. Euclid class SCP’s mean that it is a possible threat to Human life should the SCP escape or if it is unable to be handled by on site personnel and must be contained away from human life due to its ability to cause death from contact. Keter class SCP’s are SCP’s that are extremely difficult to keep contained and are a threat to human life or are creatures that are currently contained but should they escape are capable of causing massive loss of human life. Depending upon the class of an SCP a level restriction may be issued. Level 0 refers to D class personnel who are the ones who undertake or preform a majority of the experiments regarding cryptids or other unknown objects or anomalies. D class are made up of death row inmates who rather than being executed were procured by the Foundation to undertake or preform experiments and research due to their expendability since it is very common for death to occur during experimentation. Levels 1-4 are made up of scientist with only the most experienced of them being able to make it to level 4 since death at the facilities due to failed experiments or escaped cryptids being common. Level 5 personnel are the most secret of the entire organization. While level 1-4 personnel will have their first names omitted they are still addressed by their last names however all level 5 personnel go by 05. Their job is usually as site administrator and it is unclear as to how many of them their actually are since they collectively run the entire Foundation. Files with an 05 classification level are essentially never meant to be opened or read by anyone.

The reason I wrote about this site was as a way to recommend it to any of you who found my last two Cryptid of The Week installments to be interesting and wanted to find more interesting cryptids on your own. Fair warning before visiting the site a lot of the stories are graphic with some going into very descriptive detail into horrible and gruesome deaths of site personnel or civilians. The link for the site is below and don’t forget to comment if you have a suggestion for a Cryptid I should write about.


Featured Image:  http://www.scp-wiki.net/toadking07-art-hub

*Editor’s note: This article and website link are for entertainment purposes only!

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