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5 Royal Family Rules That Even the Queen Is Forced to Follow

Written by Sean Smith

The life of England’s royal family is an extraordinary and extremely interesting one. People from all around the world can’t get enough of what the royals are doing during their day-to-day activities. It’s a lifestyle very few will ever experience or see in person. This is why learning the ins and outs of their daily routines is fascinating. Even though it might seem like each royal family member has the freedom to do whatever they want because of the amount of wealth and status they possess, this is not true. They all have to abide by very strict rules. Here are five of the more interesting ones to show that it’s not always easy being a royal.

#1 Secret Handshake: They may not necessarily have a secret handshake, but the royal family is taught a very specific way to shake hands, no matter who it is. They’re supposed to grasp the hand of the person they’re meeting, lock eyes with them, and give one or two firm pumps of their hand.  This will show the royal’s power position and will have the handshake come to an appropriate end.

#2 Teacup Etiquette: Teatime is extremely important in England, especially with the royals. When they grasp the teacup, it must be held with the thumb and index finger looped through the handle, and the middle finger is used to support the handle underneath the loop.  This will help to keep the teacup secure and avoid the tea from spilling all over the royal.

#3 Mourning Wear: Royal family members are always told to pack a set of all-black clothing every time they travel. If someone important passes away while they’re gone, they can return to England wearing the proper attire to pay their respects. They set an example for all to follow.

#4 No Shared Plane Rides: Although this rule has been broken on rare occasions, it is stated that no two heirs can ride in the same plane at the same time in case of a fatal crash. The royal monarchy would be able to continue on in spite of a tragedy. William and Kate, however, tend to fly with their children frequently. This may change as the children get older and can be more independent.

#5 The Queen can only sit on her own throne: This rule seems to go back to ancient times when one wrong seat on a throne could be the beginning of a war. When the Queen had the opportunity to visit the set of the Game of Thrones, she refused to sit in the Iron Throne even if it wasn’t a real throne. The Queen remains respectful of her position and others at all times.

These are just a few of the rules that the royal family must follow no matter where they are. Since all of the world keeps a close eye on what the royal members are doing; the family must be careful about their actions. One wrong move or mistake, and it will be made public for everyone to see. The Queen demands proper etiquette and order, so rules are one way to achieve this.


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