How to Study When Tired

Written by Addie Johnson

Studying is never fun, but it’s even worse when you have to do it late at night. Although it’s not ideal, sometimes you procrastinate and end up starting to study at 11:00 the night before a test. If this happens, there are several ways that you can keep your energy up and stay focused on your task.

  When studying late at night, you should start with the easiest tasks. Doing this will keep you from getting unmotivated and frustrated by the difficult work. However, when you are studying or doing homework during the day, you should always start with the most difficult assignments while your focus is sharpest. Chewing gum, snacking, and drinking water will help you stay awake and focused on studying. While chewing gum can help with focus, snacking and drinking water (especially cold water) can boost your energy and mood. Having an improved mood will help you to not get frustrated with you work and will improve your studying. It is also best to rotate topics to keep your mind sharp.

Sometimes the hardest part of studying late at night is trying to stay awake. Exercise, such as a short walk, can help you keep your energy levels up, especially if you go outside and get fresh air. Although it is always best to avoid distractions while trying to study, if you need a jolt of energy, watching a short scary video can help to get your adrenaline up and your heart pumping faster. Studying with others can also be very beneficial to staying awake while studying, as talking with others will not only improve your studying, but will also help you stay focused and on task. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair rather than on your bed, along with turning on bright lights, can keep you awake by keeping you from getting too comfortable.

Although the goal is always to stay awake to study, it can be very beneficial to take a power nap. A short twenty to thirty-minute nap can help you feel more awake and energized and increase your awareness. Also, while caffeine is not ideal, it is better to drink it a little at a time throughout the study period rather than drinking a large amount at the very beginning, as it will give you a rush of energy, then cause you to crash later on.

Although studying is very important, sometimes it is better to not study, go to sleep, and rely on what you already know. Having the extra energy from sleep can improve your energy and help you do better on the test than you would have if you had pulled an all-nighter studying.


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