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Norse Mythology Story: The Time Thor Dressed Up As A Woman

Written by Solo Harris

Norse Mythology has many interesting stories, and one of the most interesting is when Thor had to dress up as the goddess Freya in order to get back his hammer. When Thor was sleeping, the giant Thrym snuck into Asgard and stole Thor’s hammer. When Thor woke up he was furious and asked Loki and Freya where it was. So Loki shapeshifted and went to Jotunheim (realm of the giants) asking Thrym if he had taken it. Thrym confirmed it was him and only would give it back if he got to marry Freya. Loki then flew back to Asgard and told Thor and Freya. Freya obviously wouldn’t do this, so it was suggested Thor dress up as Freya and infiltrate Jotunheim. Loki said that he would dress up as a bridesmaid and go with him, so they both agreed. At Jotunheim, Thor had eaten all of the food at the wedding and Thrym was surprised a woman could eat this much. Loki said that because “Freya” was so excited for the wedding that she hadn’t eaten out of anticipation. Thrym was thrilled by this and brought out Thor’s hammer to honor the wedding. Thor quickly took off the dress and grabbed his hammer, and smashed Thrym and every other giant there. He and Loki then went back to Asgard like a regular day.

source of picture: https://www.storynory.com/thors-wedding/


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