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R.I.P. Pop Smoke

Written by Jamari Magee

Bashar Barakah Jackson, better known by his rap name Pop Smoke, was killed in the early morning of February 19th. Jackson was an upcoming rapper from Brooklyn, New York and was only 20 years old when he was shot and killed by two men wearing masks during a home invasion in his Los Angeles home. Pop Smoke stood out as a unique rapper due to his voice being so deep and raspy yet having a catchy flow to it. He was best known for his songs called, “Welcome to the Party,” “Dior,” and “War,” which was all on his album called “Meet the Woo.” He also dropped an album exactly 2 weeks ago called “Meet the Woo 2” which was just doing numbers, and he was really making a name for himself around the world. Right now the only leads that the investigators have is two men seen running from the scene on foot in masks after Pop Smoke was shot, everything else said on the media isn’t official yet. Bashar Barakah Jackson: gone too soon.

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