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Ancient Kingdom in Turkey Discovered, That Might Have Defeated King Midas

Written by Solo Harris

An ancient kingdom in Turkey has been discovered that is said to have defeated the kingdom ruled by King Midas. The writing on the stone that was discovered is known as a stele, which talks about how King Hartapu defeated King Midas and his kingdom, known as Phrygia. The stele reads, “The storm gods delivered the opposing kings to his majesty.” The kingdom doesn’t have a name, but it is said to have existed from 800-600 BC. King Hartapu has also been mentioned on a volcano near where this was discovered. The ancient city’s length is said to be over 300 acres. Archeologists are setting out to discover more of this kingdom now that the stele has been discovered. Also, King Midas was just a regular king, although the story of him turning everything to gold is creative, he clearly had no powers of the sort.

source of picture: https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1246710/archaeology-news-ancient-city-myth-king-midas-turkey

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