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New Corvette Heading To A Land Down Under….?

Written by Gus Wilson

General Motors has a lot of subsidiaries worldwide with the exception of about eleven countries due to the political climates of those countries. There are three countries though where the company had only recently announced withdrawing from because of the large costs from having factories overseas and the deteriorating customer base. The General Motors division Holden ceased operations almost entirely with the only thing remaining is the Holden service and maintenance program.

Outside of the Holden factory

In my personal opinion, I found Holden automobiles quite appealing even though we didn’t receive all of their cars in the U.S. I say all of them because there were a few rebadged cars that were sold under the Pontiac and Chevrolet moniker as the Pontiac GTO, G8, Chevrolet SS, and Caprice PPV. All four cars were Holden products, were built in Australia and renamed when sold in the US, but now all four of those models are out of production along with the Holden name itself.

But fear not because Chevrolet is going to start exporting their products to Australia including the Camaro and Corvette which will be sold as right-hand drive cars. The Corvette has been sold in Australia before but it was brought in through a separate import company which means lost revenue from GM because they can bring up prices to make up the difference. At least that can no longer issue for GM if they can sell enough cars to make up for the costs of importing and converting the car to right-hand drive. The car has a base price of US$60,000 which is about the equivalent of AU$91,161.

This is a huge leap for Chevrolet to take especially when they closed down Holden’s assembly line for good. Selling the corvette in a land down under probably doesn’t matter to Americans very much, but this would boost sales of the Corvette and bring in a new customer/fan base. Could this mean that Chevrolet is going to bring more of its line down to Australia and potentially other countries as well? It’s not worth anyone holding their breath over but it is quite an exciting plan.

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