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Ben Jelacic Interview

Written by Jamari Magee

With the Knights boys basketball team concluding a successful 19-3 record in the regular season, now was a perfect time to sit down and talk to team captain Ben Jelacic on his thoughts on the season as the Knights gather themselves to prepare for the playoffs.

This far into the season what do you feel is the Knight’s biggest obstacle for playoffs?

“I think we just need to keep our composure and not fall down to lower-level teams, really. In the first week of the playoffs we have some lesser competition, so we need to not fall down to their level. We just need to keep our high intensity up and take care of those games.”

How do you think the team has grown from the first game of the season until now?

“I think our chemistry has gone a long way, and we know each other’s traits a little more; for example, knowing when somebody is going to shoot or cut, and stuff like that. Everything is starting to come together and mesh.”

What is the biggest thing you think the team can improve on?

“Rebounding in general. We have games where we struggle with rebounding against bigger or more aggressive teams. It’s a team effort when it comes to that, but if we can do that we can go a long way for sure.”

As of three weeks ago, the Knights were the #3 ranked team in Division 3 in Wisconsin, after the loss to St. Cats we got moved down two spots to #5; how do you feel about that?

“Rankings don’t mean much to me honestly, all that matters is what happens in the playoffs. We weren’t in full strength in that game down there and it’s always a tough environment playing down there, but as long as we got the #1 seed in our bracket, that’s all that matters.”

Given that we have the #1 seed in our bracket and a bye first round, the game after the bye will have the winner of MCA/Custer; what should be the outcome of the game?

“I don’t think it matters who we play, that should be a game we take care of from the beginning. We outmatch both teams in every category, I think, so there should be no issues.”

Last question, How do you think as a player you have played this season? Things you did well or could’ve improved on?

“I thought my rebounding has been pretty good this year; I’ve shot the ball pretty well. I probably could improve on making  better decisions out of a possible double team when it comes; I’ll do a better job on that in the playoffs to help us win.”

Go Knights!

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