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E3 2020 To Continue, Despite CoronaVirus Issue

Written by Solo Harris

Most of the Corona Virus victims in the U.S reside in California, and this is also where E3 (the biggest video game event) is taking place. The city of L.A recently announced a state of emergency due to the spread of the virus. The announcement was not saying that there is a spread of it, just that the city should have more preparation. Despite this, the organization that controls E3 has not canceled the event. Some companies, like Sony, have dropped out of being in E3; although it is not because of the virus, but for other reasons. The fact remains, why is E3 still continuing even though companies have already decided not to be a part of it? There’s still a chance E3 might get canceled, but the chances seem slim. It’s for the best that they cancel it for the good of the city, but the organization sees it differently.

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