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NBA Coronavirus Response and Update! Rudy Gobert and teammates infected?

Written by Jamari Magee

As a follow up to my last article about the possibility of the coronavirus reaching the NBA, there has now actually been a confirmed coronavirus case of a NBA player. That NBA player that contracted the virus is Rudy Gobert, an all-star center for the Utah Jazz. Yet, though it is unknown to how he came in contact with the virus, the NBA has took action and shut down the season! The NBA season is put on hold indefinitely until the virus is contained or starts to reach a decline. The Utah Jazz were getting ready to play the Oklahoma City Thunder and Rudy Gobert was out due to an illness and got tested for the virus and it resulted in a positive test. BREAKING NEWS!!!! Just in now, Donovan Mitchell, teammate of Rudy Gobert, has also tested positive for the coronavirus along with his teammate. The last 5 teams that the Utah Jazz have played has been quarantined and are also being tested. Teammates of Rudy Gobert has said he has been very careless in the locker room and seems like he has been all over the place. There is a video from Monday where Rudy was getting interviewed. As soon as the interview concluded, he touched every microphone in front of him and touched the platforms they was on, as a joke, but now that is seen as a very careless act. More updates coming soon on how the coronavirus is affecting the NBA as a community.

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