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Amazon & Lamborghini-Improved Reliability?

Written by Gus Wilson

Have you ever heard of this device called Alexa from Amazon? It’s hard not to hear about the system because it is spreading to homes through the echo, around the world with sales figures reaching over 100 million devices according to a report done in January of last year. Alexa has been expanding from just a smart speaker to now having a device where it can activate certain things in your home, but what about being able to function in certain ways with a Lamborghini. Yes, that is not a typo that is something you can do with Amazon Auto but it can’t drive the car, so if there is a virus that turns Alexa evil then she can’t drive the car and hurt the owner.

Evil eyes

To do a quick U-turn to get away from that dark road, because Audi is the owner of Lamborghini, which are both part of the Volkswagen Group, so they can share different technology, which explains why Amazon’s Alexa is compatible with the bull’s cars and SUV. According to a recent CNN article, the newest mainstream Lamborghini released a year ago called the Huracan Evo is a more improved version of the base model car. The Evo has some improvements in the powertrain, aerodynamics, drivetrain, technology, and overall handling of the already impressive car. The car has improved software in its infotainment system which allows for improved connectivity for Amazon Auto so the driver can have their Alexa turn up the car’s thermostat, bring up one of the touchscreen selectors, adjust interior lighting or pay for gas which will help because of the 640hp 5.2L V10 mounted behind the passenger’s head. Who knew that this is what advancements in technology would give us, essentially a free butler that will adjust your Lamborghini’s interior for you.

Huracan Evo Interior Infotainment System

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Article info written by: Peter Valdes-Dapena

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Article written by: Peter Valdes-Dapena

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